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Welcome to SphereMania

We have been in the extreme sports field for over fourteen years and have ventured out into unusual activities for all the Adrenaline Junkies out there!

Are you  looking to hurl yourself in a giant inflatable sphere and roll yourself down a massive hill at speeds of up-to 30 miles per hour or take a Segway spin to test your skills on our challenging off-road obstacle course, or maybe you want to challenge your friends & colleagues at Mad Axe throwing or Sky Bow  we have it all at Spheremania.

Its impossible not to have an incredible time.

Spheremania and Madrenaline venue address is Madrenaline Activities, Rushton Spencer, Heaton, SK11 0RD


Harness Sphereing


Hitting 30 mph down a hill in a huge inflatable ball will be the best experience you will most likely ever have!

A tried and tested product over a decade; we have fine-tuned our Spheres and confidently offer the best Hill Rolling product on the market.

The concept is simple, two people wearing full body harnesses are attached inside the Sphere, then rolled down a hill at up to 30 mph. Harness Sphereing is not for the faint-hearted and could not be described as a gentle ride!

More importantly though it'll be the most fun and biggest adrenaline rush you may ever experience.

Harness Spheres always have two participants in, strapped in opposite each other, so you will ride head over heels down the hill.

Aqua Sphereing

Aqua Sphereing

You and some very close friend, and 30-50 litres of water a recipe for extreme entertainment. If youve ever wondered what it might be like inside a washing machine well you get the idea.

Aqua Spheres can have 1, 2 or 3 riders and you will roll down the same hill with you and the water inside the Sphere.

Please Note : Aqua Sphereing is not the same as water walking you will get very wet! Extreme fun!

Age 7 and above * (under 16 must have an adult present)


The maximum age for Aqua Sphereing is 65 years and the maximum age for Harness Sphereing is 60 years.

The minimum age for Aqua Sphereing is 7 years and the minimum age for Harness Sphereing is 12 years.

Sphereing is the market leader in Sphereing/Zorbing, and have designed our own Spheres/Zorbs to the highest standards to provide the most fun, most safe, and most exciting ride in the whole of the UK. We also have locations nationwide so you have ample choice where to have your Zorbing experience.

This depends on the voucher that you have or what booking you have made. Most vouchers entitle the recipient(s) to 1 roll down the hill. Additional rolls can usually be purchased on-site on the day of your event (subject to availability).

Yes you can. There are a few places you can buy a gift voucher, including gift websites such as ‘buyagift.com’.

You can also buy straight from ourselves by clicking on the location you are wanting to visit, such as Manchester, London or Nottingham. Then simply click the book now button on the page.

There is only enough water in the Sphere for you to slip and slide in — you will not spend time under the water, just in it. Sphereing has very strict health and safety regulations and our Spheres and the rides are tested over and over again by various health and safety experts.

Harness Sphereing; 2 people climb inside the ball wearing a full harness and are attached inside the Sphere. As you roll down the hill (really fast) you are going round and round with the ball. It’s extreme (and definintely not a gentle ride!) but brilliant fun.

Aqua Sphereing; 1, 2 or 3 people can ride in the Aqua Sphere along with a lot of water. Aqua Sphereing is the less extreme variety of Sphereing, catering for all the family (as long as you’re aware that you will get very very wet!) You are not harnessed in the ball, and basically slip and slide around as gravity and the water take you down the hill at high speed!


It  is a seasonal activity that runs from April to October every year. We operate two weekends a month within the season and see over 7,000 happy people per year.

The customer cannot participate in a Sphereing roll if they: * are pregnant, suffer from migraines/headaches or have ever had whiplash * suffer from high blood pressure, any heart condition or epilepsy * suffer from, or have ever had, any back or neck problems * have ever had any broken bones, have osteoporosis, have OI or have any other weakness of bones * have any upper or lower limbs absent (arm, hand, leg, foot) * are under the influence of alcohol or drugs * are undergoing medical treatment or have had an operation within the past twelve months * are under 7 years old, or more than 65 years old — Aqua Sphereing® * exceed 18 stone in weight (maximum waist girth 60 inches) Please note: Parental Consent is required for any participant under 18 years old.

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